A Splash of Yellow

I decorate for summer in reds, whites and blues throughout most of my house starting at the end of May.

I add some patriotic decor, but I love to use colored pillows and vases and beachy art pieces to summer-ize our home.

Here is my sumer decorating post showing you some of my favorite touches of summer around my home.

Well, after the 4th of July I put away all traces of my patriotic decor and add splashes of yellow wherever I can.

I love combining the yellow with all the red and blue- it looks so festive and summery and reminds me of a lovely summer faire.

Even just adding a yellow tea towel to the countertop brightens up the space in such a lovely way.

I always look through my cookbooks and bowls to find splashes of the colors I want for the season.  I love decorating with what I already have on hand.

Even the tiniest touches of yellow make a big difference.

 I LOVE changing up my home for each season.

I love the feeling of a bright summer home and with a little bit of effort and not too much money, it’s possible to change up the look of your home for every season with splashes of color here and there.

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