404 School Paper Holder

Back to School Paper Holder

school file

paper file

Four kids in school= four piles of papers that I will forget, lose, and then throw away when I come across the pile 6 months later.

It’s my paper existence.  Total disaster.

Something had to change this year.

I needed a place to put the permission slip until I was able to fill it out.  I needed a place to store the spelling list of the week.

I needed to free up my counter space, bulletin board, and most importantly– my brain!

Here’s my solution–

It’s cute, compact and user friendly.

It’s also a pipe dream that this thing will get me organized, but a girl can dream, right?

I can’t wait until the moment I actually lose the the whole holder- that’ll be stellar.


school files

Martha Stewart box from Staples

Martha Stewart files from Staples

chalkboard paint

felt flowers from Michael’s

ribbon from Michael’s


wood rectangles in 2 sizes from Michael’s

yellow paint (red in the pic, but I changed my mind!)


Paint wood rectangles with paint and chalkboard paint

school papers

 Glue chalkboard painted on on top of the yellow one


Glue rectangles onto the file box


Glue felt flowers onto the box

school papers

Run thread through the top of a cut of ribbon– about a yard

file box

 Proceed to the end

paper file box

 Pull on thread until it form a round flower

paper school box

 Tie ends together forming a circle of ribbon

flower ribbons

 Glue button on top

ribbons with button

 Glue onto box

paper file

school box folder

Now all my disorganized problems will vanish!



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  1. Mary Ann says:

    What a cute project Gillian! I have a lot going on this Fall ( not school) and it can all be on my phone. I ‘ll be stopping off at Martha’s aisle this weekend.

  2. Carlie says:

    Great idea! I’ve wondered about that chalkboard paint. I saw somewhere an old thrift store painting with a good frame that was re-painted and the inside painted over with the chalkboard paint. It would be great in my little girls’ room!

  3. TonyaB71 says:

    This is a great idea. I need to get on this because my paper problem is epic!!

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