404 Back to School Paper Chain

Back to School Paper Chain Countdown

school countdown

While the rest of my crew is on suicide watch due to the upcoming school year, Keiran is elated!

He can’t wait for his school year to begin- to meet his teachers, see who’s in his class and most importantly, the nerd wants to more about letters and numbers.

I swear, he is such a turbo nerd.

Can’t express how much we LOVE that!

So, in order to help KK understand how much time is left until school begins, I made him a fun BACK TO SCHOOL PAPER CHAIN COUNTDOWN.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

supplies for countdown apple

The pattern below


glue, tape or a stapler

sticker letters

green and brown cardstock

variety of patterned papers

apple countdown pattern

Print out the pattern

Cut out the apple, stem and leaf

Trace them onto the back of the papers you’ve selected

trace countdown pattern

Cut out the apple, stem and leaf

cut apple countdown

Glue them together

glue apple countdown

Using sticker letters, make your message

put on stickers

Cut out strips of paper for the paper chain

strips for paper train

Glue the first loop to the back of the apple

paper chain countdown

Using the strips of paper make a paper chain for each day until school starts- I used a stapler to make my chain

paper chain apple countdown

 This kid is so anxious for Pre-K to start and now he is super excited to tear off a link everyday!

paper chain apple countdown

keiran greding

kk's feet

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  1. Sharon Nursall says:


    Where is Patrick going this year? I know he graduated high school.


  2. Mary Ann says:

    Adorable! And isn’t it nice he is excited to head to school.

  3. michelle says:

    Oh my….He is darling

  4. Ben says:

    holy cow- KK is all grown up. Looked like C for a moment- what a stud.

  5. Katherine Marie says:

    I am so happy to have found our new blog!!!!! Your son is too precious! I bet he will keep his enthusiasm for lawrning all year long! Happy first day of school!

  6. Such an adorable idea! And I have two little guys who feel exactly this same way. Ready to learn. Isn’t it wonderful! :)


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